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[Wiki] Laurent, Is it Possible to get files from closed ztwiki?   [Wiki]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Dec 07,2018 at 13:34
In Response to: [Wiki] Laurent, Is it Possible to get files from closed ztwiki? (Tim Mongeon)

> Hi - this message goes to Laurent Duchastel.
> I realize that you closed down the Ztwiki site some time ago but I also
> read where you kept all of the files. I am going through the ZTw3.com
> back posts and some of them refer to files that you created (macros,
> etc.) and others that could only be found on the wiki site. These posts
> in particular rely on those files.
> Is it possible to obtain these files from you or would this be too much
> of a problem?
> The last few I encountered were referencing:
> s_CloneZTree
> s_TempZtree
> h_ZTreeWinFont
> http://ztwiki.com/Create+hardlink+to+cur...tory+in+split+pane&highlight=hardlink
> rp_VT
> Just to name a few.
> I was wondering if you have these files zipped up where they could be
> made accessible again?

Give me 72 hours to check for it, in my deep archives. :-)

Laurent Duchastel

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