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[Comment] GEForce Experience - a Dramedy   [Comment]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 10,2018 at 10:24

Finally got rid of GEForce Experience.

Those of you with NVidia cards will know what I am talking about. GEForce Experience is an add-on that is installed with the NVidia drivers (especially on new Computers).

It's function as far as I can tell is a convenience for Game Players - it provides settings geared for that activity and also acts to update said add-on as well as the NVidia drivers.

Well, the update notifications were annoying. More than half of the updates for GEForce Experience would not install anyway. But that wasn't the biggest problem.

It hijacked a lot of hotkeys including many from Ztree.

People throughout the years have been trying to find a method of identifying allocated hotkeys on a Windows System to fix a problem with dysfunctional commands. I am here to tell you that it doesn't exist. But what you should know is that most of these problems originate with your graphics utilities. For NVidia it comes back to GEForce Experience.

So I bring up the utility by pressing Alt-Z (hey Ztree users - is your Alt-Z command working?). Then I start reassigning hotkeys and turning off others. Finally I reassign the Alt-Z command itself.

Problem solved?

Two months later I want to use a command I haven't used in a while. It doesn't work. Is it GeForce Experience at fault? Did I forget to reassign a hotkey? Well I guess I had better check. Hmmm Alt-Z not bringing it up. Oh, that's right I reassigned it. Well I just have to hit the new command... umm,.,, ughh.. what was that command. Alt F1? Ctrl Shift whatever???

Uninstall GeForce Experience.

Problem Solved!

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