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By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Dec 10,2018 at 17:32
In Response to: GitHub (Peter Shute)

> > But it sounds (to me) that setting up — for example — a GitHub
> > account with a wiki and issues (for ZEPs) shouldn’t be too big a
> > burden.
> I like the idea of using GitHub. It's probably designed for this kind
> of thing. It could potentially replace this forum too.
> I like the way you can mark issues as duplicates, etc, and I assume at
> least a few of us are already members.
> I believe it's possible to add stuff to github via command line, even
> issues, but I've never tried it.





Github is much more resilient to administrator change than hosted DokuWiki.

On the other hand, documenting Wiki with images is counter intuitive on GitHub (one has to upload the image first to a dedicated branch and cut/paste absolute URL), and some formatting and features available in enhanced Wiki platform such as DokuWiki may not be available on GitHub which offers basic Wiki.

Laurent Duchastel

Laurent Duchastel

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