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GitHub?   [Wiki]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 10,2018 at 19:00
In Response to: GitHub (Peter Shute)

As a user I always found Github a pain to navigate. Easy to find source files but not easy to find binaries (or information). Everytime I am directed to Github to locate a file or information, the first thing I get is a list of source files. Downloading at this point will get me the file, name_Master, which turns out to be the source again. I really have to look around to find the binaries and sometimes give up to find it elsewhere.

The information given for a program is also minimal but I don't know if that is on the part of Github or the participating programmer. Since it is this way for most, I probably think it is the design layout more than anything else. I have never seen a forum on Github.

Sourceforge is also a joke. Sure you can get the files if you want to wait 5 LONG seconds between each (didn't use to be this way). This really adds up on a slow internet service like mine (they consider 3mbs to 4 mbs high speed). What should be download, bang, download, bang takes more time than a lot of these files are worth. Venting - sorry.

As for replacing the Ztw2.com forum with Github - please don't. I like the format Kim has now - it is easy to maneuver, provides a lot of information and the tree layout easily identifies who said what to whom.

Against Github - but of course you have to do what is best and Ztwiki in whatever form is better than no Ztwiki.

Thanks for listening.

Tim M.

> > But it sounds (to me) that setting up — for example — a GitHub
> > account with a wiki and issues (for ZEPs) shouldn’t be too big a
> > burden.
> I like the idea of using GitHub. It's probably designed for this kind
> of thing. It could potentially replace this forum too.
> I like the way you can mark issues as duplicates, etc, and I assume at
> least a few of us are already members.
> I believe it's possible to add stuff to github via command line, even
> issues, but I've never tried it.

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