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By: Peter Shute       
Date: Dec 10,2018 at 21:08
In Response to: GitHub (Laurent Duchastel)

> > I was able just now to create a test issue there
> > (https://github.com/lduchastel/ztreewiki/issues/1), and added a
> > screenshot by dragging it from Explorer, and then another from the
> > clipboard. You can't do that in the Wiki?
> Cut and paste of previous work from Ztreewiki.com manual import :-)
> See my reply here : https://github.com/lduchastel/ztreewiki/issues/2

"You need an absolute URL uploaded before in Branch.
Or create a fake issue.
And picture is always related to user, not wiki itself"

That's a pity. Having the pictures hosted in other random places would eventually lead to losses, and many people would hesitate to go to the trouble.

Would using issues as the wiki work? Issues could be linked to in the Github wiki section as an index. I can't remember what kinds of thnks were in your old wiki to know how well it would work.

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