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By: Martijn Coppoolse   Homepage   Voorburg, NL  
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 05:07
In Response to: GitHub (Peter Shute)

> > But it sounds (to me) that setting up — for example — a GitHub
> > account with a wiki and issues (for ZEPs) shouldn’t be too big a
> > burden.
> I like the idea of using GitHub. It's probably designed for this kind
> of thing.

For issues, absolutely. I have to say Wiki seems a bit of second-rate citizen in GitHub; it has its quirks (such as the roundabout way of inserting images Laurent mentioned).

BTW, I mentioned GitHub since it’s the de facto leader in its space, but Bitbucket would probably serve just as well. I just tried their wiki editor, and it’s relatively easy to insert an image (click the ‘image’ button, then drag/drop an image, or browse for one).

> It could potentially replace this forum too.

No. GitHub has no dedicated forum functionality, and trying to shoehorn a forum into GitHub’s issue tracker leads to similar problems as using the current forum as issue tracker. Github issues has no threaded view, for example; and it has quite a bit of extra functionality that is totally irrelevant for a forum, which would only complicate things. Moreover, that would again lead to mixing up ZEPs with forum posts, thereby obliterating the advantage of having a clear list of ZEPs.
IMO, the current forum works perfectly fine; I see no reason to change it, so long as Victor can and wants to maintain it.

> I like the way you can mark issues as duplicates, etc, and I assume at
> least a few of us are already members.

Yes, for ZEPs it seems ideally suited.

The version control section (the raison d’être of GitHub) could be used to host F9 menu scripts, batch files, utility scripts, batches, etc. With the added advantage that everyone can add their own scripts, and propose changes to existing scripts.

> I believe it's possible to add stuff to github via command line, even
> issues, but I've never tried it.

I’ve never tried that either. GitHub does have quite an extensive API, though, so I wouldn’t be surprised someone wrote some CLI against it.


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