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Github? Or Bitbucket then?   [Wiki]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 08:26
In Response to: Github? Or Bitbucket then? (Martijn Coppoolse)

I profess to know little about the coding aspect. As I said I am a user, so I bring to you the user's perspective.

I looked at your website on Bitbucket and I agree that that it is more straightforward than certainly Github. The menu on the left easily connects you to where you want to go. For example I can see where all of the available downloads for binaries could be in the Downloads section as referenced anywhere in the Wiki, and any source material - scripts, Etc, could be in the source. One suggestion through would be to divide up the source section into those that pertain to Ztree, F9 Scripts, Batch files etc. and those that pertain to maintaining the Wiki (source pages, embedded language code snippets etc.) so as not to confuse the two.

I say this only because in my experience when I have been on a repository site for a file, for example, and the Webpage's options would include selections of 'Documentation' or 'Wiki', - I would find that it pertained to the Webpage structure or documentation thereof and not the content subject matter.

Thanks again. I think Bitbucket would certainly be a good alternative.

Tim M.

> Would bitbucket be an acceptable alternative for you?
> As an example, I’ve just added a wiki to an existing — unrelated
> — repository, and opened it for public editing here: href=https://bitbucket.org/vor0nwe/mctools/wiki>https://bitbucket.org/vor0nwe/mctools/wiki.
> You do have to have (or create) an Atlassian account to be able to edit
> it.

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