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[Q] Spell Search Naviagation - Apostrophe   [Q]

By: Doug Borg     Newton, MA, USA  
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 11:06
In Response to: [Q] Spell Search Naviagation - Apostrophe (Tim Mongeon)

> Since the Double Quotation is used to look for the next occurrence,
> how do I specify the apostrophe key character in active mode?
> example:
> Whenever I get to the Apostrophe character, Ztree of course identifies
> it as a command instead of a search parameter.
> Thanks in advance.
> Tim M.

Sorry, Tim, but I can't reproduce the behavior you describe. It works fine on my system.

I suspect that you have a remapped keystroke. I use AutoHotKey to remap some of my keys in ZTW, and the apostrophe key is one. When I want to insert an apostrophe in ZTW, first I have to suspend AHK (which I usually have forgotten to do first), insert the apostrophe, then resume AHK.

Perhaps you have a similar keystroke "hijacking"?

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