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[Q] Spell Search Naviagation - Apostrophe   [Q]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 16:33
In Response to: [Q] Spell Search Naviagation - Apostrophe (Doug Borg)

> Sorry, Tim, but I can't reproduce the behavior you describe. It works
> fine on my system.

The help indicates that in Active Search the Double Quote key (shifted Apostrophe) is a Ztree command key that will find the next occurrence of the search.

In other words, if I have a subdirectory structure of:

Cook (Title)
Cook (Title)
Cook's (Title)
Cook's (title)

And I want to Find titles beginning with Cook's

I enter Shift + C + O + O + K

So far that will bring me to the first entry of Cook (Title)

But the moment I enter the ' which can only be entered in Active Spell mode as Shift + ' or in other words "

it will do what it is intended to do and find the next occurrence of Cook (title) rather than Cook's (Title).

My question was simply if there was a Ztree function I was missing or work-around that would allow Ztree to ignore the ' as a shifted command " and recognize it as an unshifted ' (without having to resort to remapping because really it isn't that important).

> I suspect that you have a remapped keystroke. I use AutoHotKey to
> remap some of my keys in ZTW, and the apostrophe key is one. When I want
> to insert an apostrophe in ZTW, first I have to suspend AHK (which I
> usually have forgotten to do first), insert the apostrophe, then resume
> AHK.
> Perhaps you have a similar keystroke "hijacking"?

No. The apostrophe works fine otherwise even in Ztree. It enters as an apostrophe in Execute, Rename or other Ztree data fields where characters can be entered directly.

Thank you for your response.

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