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By: Oliver Pretzel       
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 12:21
In Response to: [Q] Spell Search Naviagation - Apostrophe (Tim Mongeon)

> > Sorry, Tim, but I can't reproduce the behavior you describe. It
> works
> > fine on my system.
> And I want to Find titles beginning with Cook's
> I enter Shift + C + O + O + K
> So far that will bring me to the first entry of Cook (Title)
> But the moment I enter the ' which can only be entered in Active Spell
> mode as Shift + ' or in other words "
Confirmed here except that since I use a UK keyboard Shift+' enters @.
In active spell search an unshifted ' is ignored and shft+' enters and acts on whatever character is assigned to that position on the current keyboard (" on US keyboard).

My settings for active search or CO6-H = yes and the following I, J, K all = no.

I think this is a small bug and the unshifted ' should be accepted (like the unshifted numeric keys). Maybe you should post it as such.

A workaround is to use prompted spell search (|) where ' works as expected.



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