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By: Peter Shute       
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 16:04
In Response to: GitHub (Martijn Coppoolse)

> > It could potentially replace this forum too.
> No. GitHub has no dedicated forum functionality, and trying to shoehorn
> a forum into GitHub’s issue tracker leads to similar problems as using
> the current forum as issue tracker.

But isn't this forum basically an issue tracker? I believe github allows the creation of custom issue templates. I've never tried it, but perhaps that would allow for an equivalent of our current message categories.

> Github issues has no threaded view,

That's more of a problem, although despite being a fan of threads, I've found that it's often unnecessary, and that tagging and quoting will suffice. Quoting must be done manually in github, although I think you can email in replies, and that might give full quoting.

> for example; and it has quite a bit of extra functionality that is
> totally irrelevant for a forum, which would only complicate things.

Not sure what all those facilities are, but being able to mark duplicates, link relevant issues, mark issues as closed are relevant. Assigning issues to someone is probably not relevant, but might be in some cases.

> Moreover, that would again lead to mixing up ZEPs with forum posts,
> thereby obliterating the advantage of having a clear list of ZEPs.

Custom issue templates might resolve that.

> IMO, the current forum works perfectly fine; I see no reason to change
> it, so long as Victor can and wants to maintain it.

Yes. Just thinking of the future. I think the forum has been moved once before.

Does github ever log you out while you're typing, and lose your message when you post it?

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