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Wiki's role   [Wiki]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Dec 11,2018 at 18:04
In Response to: GitHub (Peter Shute)

Just to be clear about what role a Wiki could fill:

- it would not replace this forum,
- it would not track issues and bugs (this is already done on this forum in a way that works pretty well for Kim),
- very few files would be actually hosted, the majority being static utilities and very personal scripts, that almost none would actually be merged, branched, or enhanced continously by an active community of coprogrammers and contributors.

Ztree Wiki would rather be a structured repository of tricks, references, FAQ and tutorials about ZTree and that are not already part of this forum.

Yes, some of Wiki's content could come from this forum, but there is so much in here that is already easily accessible with Search that there is little point to take energy and time to duplicate all of them on a Wiki. Only the most significant one.

We also have to remember that we are a very small community and being pragmatic, the Wiki is not really intended for a large and vast public. Thus efforts to add new content to Wiki will always be done by a very few for the benefits of a very few.

Therefore, consider the Wiki as an external half-static half-evolving long-term memory, not really a place for an active community: the forum is the place for that. At best, the Wiki would recover and maintain for the benefit of posterity some useful information that has already been created some time ago.

For this reason, many of GitHub features are not very attractive for such Wiki. Only the "free + no worry about plateform" aspect of it. Same with BitBucket (that I didn't know).

This said, the decision to where and how host a wiki is not taken yet. Let simmer on that for a while.

Of course, this is my view. :-)

Laurent Duchastel

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