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Wiki's role   [Wiki]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 17,2018 at 09:59
In Response to: Wiki's role (Laurent Duchastel)

> Just to be clear about what role a Wiki could fill:
> - it would not replace this forum,
> - it would not track issues and bugs (this is already done on this
> forum in a way that works pretty well for Kim),
> - very few files would be actually hosted, the majority being static
> utilities and very personal scripts, that almost none would actually be
> merged, branched, or enhanced continously by an active community of
> coprogrammers and contributors.
> Ztree Wiki would rather be a structured repository of tricks,
> references, FAQ and tutorials about ZTree and that are not already part
> of this forum.

Agree. You could have sections like User's Corner where macros, F9 scripts, etc. could be found, and maybe an Expert's Corner where other questions that the normal forum could handle. And of course it would be dutiful to include a repository of files (exe's or whatever) referenced by the scripts etc. I am not meaning to suggest that the Wiki become more of a file repository - no - but if someone referenced a file or utility then it should be made easy to find.

Another would be tutorials as suggested. Ztree has many many features and the Help file is good but it really requires tutorials on many subjects beginners as well as experts tutorials - how to write an F9 script, how to use a feature that the help only touches upon, How to understand and use the archiver.BB2 file, etc. many of these subjects have been dealt with in small degrees over the course of the forum, - but to get all of this in a tutorial documented form, would be great. If you need to discuss what could or needed to be changed in the Wiki, then continue to do so from the forum as it always has been.

Just my thoughts.

Tim M.

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