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/COLS:100:80:0 works also   [Q]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Dec 20,2018 at 12:25
In Response to: /COLS:100:80:999 this did the trick (Ryan)

> /COLS:100:80:999 this did the trick, it goes to the current
> monitor's max resolution

Just tried
C:\ZTW\ZTW.exe /COLS:80:120:0
and it cycles 80-120-MAX
C:\ZTW\ZTW.exe /COLS:80:120:-1
has no effect.

If I did not get this wrong, it's worth adding to help and
documenting :0 as the MAX, rather than the user guessing.
After all, 999 may one day not be enough for super wide screens,
and the "999 bug" your command line will be hard to track :-)

:-1 could be assigned to something new as ZTree evolves.

(Time to digress a bit)
For example, :-1 will direct ZTree to extend its display
to a second monitor, if detected. I don't think it works today, does it?

I use two monitors and so far had no need for more real estate,
but... these monitors can be rotated to portrait mode, which
is great for reading PDFs/surfing and using large fonts, for aging eyes.

Imagine now ZTree F8 mode with two monitors in portrait mode
and big console fonts. Each F8 pane on its own screen.
No need for glasses, for me, at least. If I had to spend hours
daily just managing servers/files in ZTree, this setup would
suit me perfectly.

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