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[Q] Is there a way? Alt-Release multiple Dirs?   [Q]

By: Tim Mongeon       
Date: Dec 20,2018 at 08:49
In Response to: [Q] Is there a way? Alt-Release multiple Dirs? (Dan LeGate)

> Had logged a very big, slow network drive the other day and it had a
> bunch of cache sub-directories of a specific name.
> I was hoping to be able to release the contents of all these cached
> directories at once with them tagged and sorted in W directory mode, but
> couldn't seem to find a way.
> Am I missing it?
> Dir1
> .cache
> SubDir1
> .cache
> SubDir1
> .cache
> Dir2
> .cache
> etc.

I found this back from 2006 from Hartmut Schneider. I am not sure if this may help you or not, but it is something else to fiddle with. Also refer to the help on the subject of logging using 'Shift Numpad -' for more information.

[Tip] log all except certain subtree [Tip]

Suppose you want to log a certain branch completely but without a huge sub-branch.
(see example at bottom, taken from C:\, but imagine it's a tree on a server whose huge subtree-to-hide would last hours to log).
The branch contains a lot of sub-dirs, so it's boring to log them all manually by repeating '*, TAB'.

Tip: you can achieve this without editing ZNOLOG.INI, just by a sequence of ZTree commands:
- Hide the sub-branch using Shift-Numpad-minus
- set the highlight to the branch root
- enter the command 'Alt-Log Unlogged-branches-only' (ALT_L,U).
ZTree now logs all sub-branches except the hidden one(s).

Tip: to unhide the unwanted branch (without logging it), you can use 'Alt-Log, Relog directory' (ALT_L,D) at the branch root level.

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