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By: Antti     Helsinki, FI  
Date: Dec 28,2018 at 18:35
In Response to: Use powershell (Ben Kent)

> The future is powershell, where this command only matches in the name part
> Get-ChildItem *sh*.*

I tested that, as follows:
powershell -command Get-ChildItem *sh*.*

This works fine, but does not seem to find matching files with no extension. Am I missing something?

Thus, it seems to me that this powershell alternative is more or less equaivalent to the dir alternative:
dir "*sh*.<"

However, the powershell version appears to execute much slower compared to the dir alternative...

For including files with no extension, one could pipe dir with findstr as follows:
dir /B *sh* | findstr /I "sh.*\. ^.[^.]*$"
But then you will only get the filenames listed. Similar regexp functionality is of course also available under powershell.

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