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[Wish] Support NTFS Compressed File Sizes in all screens   [Wish]

By: Nuno       
Date: Jan 07,2019 at 10:21

Once in a while (more often than that, actually), I have to manage (NTFS) compressed files and folders.
... Sometimes to decide on creating/freezing some .txt to .7z files, other times to check on the compressible factor on many files, branches, etc.

Unless there is some hidden feature on Ztree, i've never seen anything to support this.
Let's say I want to sort all files on some branch by "compressed size", instead of "normal" size, tag some, and do something with them...

To avoid changing the layout of lot's of screens, I would suggest a "global" flag/switch (powered by some shortcutkey), to switch all displayable file sizes between the "normal" and the "compressed" sizes.
I would say, wherever we see a "size" (FILE Filter, Directory Window, File Window, Disk Spec...), Ztree would show/react accordingly.
Probably, the current flag's status should always be identifiable / visible.

This would mean, of course, that Ztree would have to get both sizes during Log, and persist both in memory, or it would have to relog all the affected files / folders when flag changed.

Who else is with me? :-)

Best regards,

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