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[Q] Is there a way? Alt-Release multiple Dirs?   [Q]

By: Dan LeGate       
Date: Jan 08,2019 at 11:12
In Response to: [Q] Is there a way? Alt-Release multiple Dirs? (Peter Shute)

> Could you just press minus to unlog them one by one in dir mode?
> In v2.4.186 I'm getting inconsistent results with this. Sometimes it
> just collapses them as expected, other times the cursor jumps to the top
> or bottom of the dir list, or to the previous position in the list.

There are hundreds of them, down 7 deep sometimes, so yes I *could*, but I'd rather be able to sort them in W Directory Mode view, tag them and Ctrl-Release (Ctrl-Unlog?) them all at once.

Now, since I know the name I've now added it to my ZNOLOG.INI, but had the re-log the entire (very slow) tree to get the results I wanted.

Would have been nice to release them on-the-fly within Directory Mode.

Would also be nice to be able to "Add to ZNOLOG" too for future logging. :-)



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