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What sort of compression?   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 14,2019 at 16:25
In Response to: What sort of compression? (Nuno)

> ZTree already knows the file is NTFS compressed, as it already shows it
> as an attribute (ALT+I), but I think that's the only place where I see
> anything related to this.
> I would say, besides from what I've already said, the ALT+I could also
> "easily" show both sizes (compressed and normal) at the same time (the
> small window has size for it).

I tried a test where I created a 1MB text file containing lots of letter a's (very compressible), put a copy on a local hard drive and on a server drive, and applied NTFS compression to each.

Ztree can see the compression attribute of both the local and server files.

Explorer can see that the local file really only takes up 124KB on the disk, but can't see the true size of the compressed file on the server.

Perhaps the true size isn't available over the network?

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