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What sort of compression?   [Wish]

By: Nuno       
Date: Jan 14,2019 at 21:27
In Response to: What sort of compression? (Peter Shute)

Hi Peter.

> Explorer can see that the local file really only takes up 124KB on the
> disk, but can't see the true size of the compressed file on the server.
> Perhaps the true size isn't available over the network?

Just tested and saw no problem. Client: Windows 10, server: Windows 2012R2.
"Size on Disk" shows roughly the "compressed size" (it usually has some bytes more because it counts onto the disk's sector size).

What do you see on "Size", and on "Size on Disk"? Do you see both attributes?
Would that be a limitation on the SMB version on the client and/or server?

But, actually, I would like to "see" (and work with) those sizes on ZTree!!!
Even if just one "type of size" at a time! Yeah!


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