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Yes, depends on server   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 14,2019 at 21:44
In Response to: What sort of compression? (Nuno)

> Just tested and saw no problem. Client: Windows 10, server: Windows
> 2012R2.
> "Size on Disk" shows roughly the "compressed size" (it usually has
> some bytes more because it counts onto the disk's sector size).
> What do you see on "Size", and on "Size on Disk"? Do you see both
> attributes?
> Would that be a limitation on the SMB version on the client and/or
> server?

You're right. With client Win 10 and Windows 2003 Server, I see size=998KB and size on disk=1MB. With Win 10 and Server 2012 I see size=98KB and size on disk=124KB.

So yes, it should be possible to do what you want. Whether it's easy, I don't know.

There have been times I've been looking for space, and it would have been good to know the files I was deleting were compressed and not making as much difference as I thought.

Accessing it via Alt-I would be good enough for me, but being able to toggle it to use size on disk everywhere might occasionally be useful.

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