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Alt-Sort toggle? perhaps K for disK size?   [Wish]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jan 15,2019 at 02:30
In Response to: Yes, depends on server (Peter Shute)

> being able to toggle it to use size on disk everywhere
> might occasionally be useful.

The Alt-Sort menu currently knows/uses these characters:
A Alpha
C (toggle Charset)
D Date+time
E Ext
F Full
L Length
M nuMber
N Name
O (toggle Order)
P (toggle Path)
S Size
T Time
U Unsorted
V Value
X (toggle eXit)

The selected toggle is displayed at the right in the upper FW border line
(e.g. ------|s W|-- for ascending size)

I'm looking for a character to toggle between size and NTFS-compressed size.

Perhaps 'k' "disK size" would be clear enough.


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