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size display toggle: independent from sorting!   [Wish]

By: Hartmut Schneider     Germany  
Date: Jan 15,2019 at 06:45
In Response to: Alt-Sort toggle? perhaps K for disK size? (Nuno)

> I would leave the Alt-Sort as it is (keeping S for size).
> Although sorting would be of good use, everything else showing
> "sizes" would need to show the chosen "Size type" (normal vs on-disk/compressed).
> The Size column in File Window should display it, for every file, for example.

Please try out the Alt-Sort by e.g. 'accessed'.
The Date/Time column in FW changes according to your choice and
displays the selected date/time values, e.g. last-accessed for all files !!

> If we were able to see (work with) both sizes at the same time, then
> ZTree would have to display both columns in the File Window.
> That would mean a lot more programming work, and probably would need a
> new configuration flag to show it or not.

I'm nearly sure this is far too much change for the ZTree code.

> If ZTree just "commuted" between these different sizes - and showing
> one of them at a time - all Size columns, field, filters, (etc) relating
> to size would react accordingly.

This has indeed been implemented for the date/time column.
I guess, coding this for the size column is feasible with not too much effort.

> But, the chosen "size type": (size on disk / normal), should always be visible.
Agreed. Should be shown
- in the Alt-Sort menu, as well as
- in the border, like current |npW|, but would need an additional character.

> Only in Alt-I i would show both sizes at the same time.

> So, regarding your comment... Alt-Sort by Size would still just work on
> Size as it is... but the "size" could be "On-Disk" OR "normal",
> depending on the current state of the "Size Type" chosen.

Yes you are right. My mistake...
Switching Date/Time display is done _per F4, within Alt-Sort menu.
A free sub-Function Key should be added to toggle between size "On-Disk" or "normal".

Alt-Sort menu could show e.g. "F7 Size (on disk)" rsp. "F7 Size (normal )"

(F7 is a quick suggestion for the toggle key, has to be reviewed!)


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