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size display toggle: independent from sorting!   [Wish]

By: Nuno       
Date: Jan 15,2019 at 07:48
In Response to: size display toggle: independent from sorting! (Hartmut Schneider)


Nice comments!

(and I just saw "new" sorting types (Length, Alpha) I didn't ever noticed... Ahah, ZTree always a surprising tool)...

The Alt-Sort F4 (time) is a nice example.

But if using a global flag I wouldn't allow choosing the Sort-By-"Size-Type", only by "Size", as it is.
This should automatically reflect the current global flag state.
Because files compress differently, you could end up having files "sorted by size-on-disk" but showing sizes by "normal-size", which would not be correctly sorted, based on what the user sees in the Size column. That would be confusing, and actually not needed.
But maybe I would show the flag anyways, like you said, in the Alt-Sort:
"(S) Size on disk" / "(S) Size normal", depending on the flag state, but I wouldn't allow choosing the "type of size" as a specific Alt-Sort parameter. It would just automatically assume the global flag.


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