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size display toggle: concept summary   [Wish]

By: Nuno       
Date: Jan 16,2019 at 10:07
In Response to: size display toggle: concept summary (Hartmut Schneider)

> (...)
> Can we agree in this:

>1 - A central toggle for showing size normal OR on-disk;
>2 - displayed sizes in FW (and Alt-K/size) always regard this choice.

> The central toggle can be placed
>3.1 - either in the Alt-Sort menu (like 'F4 Timestamp') e.g. as 'F7 sizes' (to be reviewed),
No. I think it would be confusing, changing a global flag (with effects all over ZTree columns and windows) inside a specific command.
>3.2 - or elsewhere in the (main) menu.

>4 - Alt-Info should display both sizes.

5- "DISK Statistics" should also display both sizes, adding a new line: "Usage" (5 letters for Disk-Usage) to the already existing: "Files" and "Bytes", on each statistic (Logged, Matching, Tagged and Current Directory).

6- For Performance / Latency reasons (mostly on Network or slow drives, or many thousands of files)...
6.1 - If feasible, add a global setting ALT+F10 to enable or disable Auto-Loading of Disk-Usage information while "logging" drives/files
6.2 - or... Adding a new F2 option in (L)og and CTRL+(L)og command to log disk-usage.
It would become F2 Method (root only) | F2 Method (tree only) | F2 Method (full disk) | F2 Method (full disk with Usage)
For ALT+(L)og, it could be a specific option, or always active.


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