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Is getting size on disk quick?   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 21,2019 at 16:48
In Response to: size display toggle: independent from sorting! (Hartmut Schneider)

> Please try out the Alt-Sort by e.g. 'accessed'.
> The Date/Time column in FW changes according to your choice and
> displays the selected date/time values, e.g. last-accessed for all
> files !!

I like the idea of being able to switch between size and size on disk the same way we can switch between the date stamp types, but I wonder if it's as simple. I suspect that Ztree retrieves and stores all the date stamp types during logging, and that it has little or no effect on the logging speed.

This might not be true of retrieving the size on disk, so it might not be practical to collect it during logging. I suspect some of the extra information displayed by Alt-Info, eg owner, might take some time to retrieve, because sometimes I see it take a moment to come up.

If this is the case for size on disk, adding it to Alt-Info might be the only practical option.

I'm trying to remember whether XtreeNet used to log it all, and whether it was optional.

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