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[Bug] Spell Search fails in an alphabetic list   [Bug]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jan 22,2019 at 14:40
In Response to: [Bug] Spell Search fails in an alphabetic list (Chester Kemp)

> > Don't you mean to say the cursor remains on the first file
> > matching WIL, and when pressing 'S' the prompt then says "No Match:
> > WILS*.*" ?

> I assume that is so - however, all I am doing is trying the next
> alphabetic point in the sequence of files. (A list in any form has a
> human context even though we use it with computers).

I'm not sure what you mean by "assume". Is this not exactly what you see happening?

> > The logic is that the cursor remains on the last file that previously
> > matched - to me, moving it to a completely different file that does NOT
> > match is not logical.

> I understand your rationale - but except for clarity of programming, I
> do not see sense of the result. To play devil's advocate, what tangible
> use is the place where you end up? What would you do with it? What
> activity would typically follow?

The place where you "end up" is simply the last file that matches a correct spelling. As Kim points out, the cursor does not "move". It stays exactly where it is and reports that a file with that spelling does not exist. It's not clear what you find wrong with that logic.

> A failure to find in a search is always a possibility. For my
> purposes, the current behaviour has no value when you are trying the find
> an author in an alphabetical list.

But if the author does not exist it makes sense to just stay on the current file and tell you that it does not exist. It makes no sense to move to a file that does not match the spelling. Of what "tangible" use would that be? How would it be any better than staying where you are and reporting "No match"?

> Does anyone else have a need for an alphabetical sorting?
> It could be implemented by a CO6L - the L is currently unused.

Chester, I'm confused. I must be missing something. Do you not already have the files sorted in name-ascending sequence with Alt-Sort?

- John

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