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I meant "is getting compressed size on disk quick?"   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 23,2019 at 22:13
In Response to: Is getting size on disk quick? (Nuno)

> This thread started, actually, as a "Compressed Size", not really a
> "Size on disk", like Windows explorer shows.

Yes, I forgot. We have been referring to "size on disk" meaning compressed size.

> For compressed size, there is an API "GetCompressedFileSize", which
> gives exactly that.
> SizeOnDisk seems to have no direct public API to get it.

I'm not sure I'd be that interested in the size on disk, meaning the number of blocks used x block size. We should perhaps start referring to it as the compressed size on disk.

> I didn't tested it, but I would suppose that calling one extra API
> (GetCompressedFileSize), for each file will incur some time (and will
> occupy some memory space), but maybe It won't incur much in I/O
> overhead, because of read-cache.

We need to know how much extra time it takes.

> Also, ZTree already knows if files are compressed (based on the 'C'
> attribute), so it could just (and only) call "GetCompressedFileSize",
> which is documented as returning the same as "GetFileSize" for files
> that are not compressed.

Agreed. Some disks will have many or all files compressed, so we need to assume that could be the case.

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