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[Not a Bug] - but "Beautiful Plumage"   [Bug]

By: Chester Kemp       
Date: Jan 25,2019 at 14:04
In Response to: [Bug] Spell Search fails in an alphabetic list (John Gruener)

After Kim's response and the curtailed dialogue with John - clearly this is NOT a bug.

This is not meant to offend, but I am reminded of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch.

"Beautiful plumage" substituted by "Beautiful programming".

I posed three points in the result of the previous search:
(1) what tangible use is the place where you end up?
(2) What would you do with it?
(3) What activity would typically follow?"

As I had no answer, I assumed it was a dead parrot!!

As John missed my purpose, perhaps I may be missing his too. We are all human.

Clearly, it is not a "bug", therefore I will have to propose this need as a request to extend ZTree.

all best wishes


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