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Spell Search "No Match" behavior   [Bug]

By: John Gruener     Orlando, Florida  
Date: Jan 27,2019 at 15:35
In Response to: [Not a Bug] - but "Beautiful Plumage" (Chester Kemp)

> After Kim's response and the curtailed dialogue with John - clearly
> this is NOT a bug.

Sorry about the curtailment. I didn't want to be the only one besides Kim responding to your request in the negative. Now that Ben has also shared his thoughts, I'd like to recap mine.

I'm responding first to a point made earlier in this thread:

CK>>> Does anyone else have a need for an alphabetical sorting?
CK>>> It could be implemented by a CO6L - the L is currently unused.

JG>> Chester, I'm confused. I must be missing something. Do you not already
JG>> have the files sorted in name-ascending sequence with Alt-Sort?

CK> None of the example would make sense if it wasn't.

My confusion was simply that it appeared you were asking for an "alphabetical sorting" option. Perhaps it's just semantics, but if the files are in name sequence, they are already alphabetically sorted. Thus my confusion.

But this also begs the question of what to do if the files are in some other sequence. What then would you have ZTree do when there is "No Match"?

> I posed three points in the result of the previous search:
> (1) what tangible use is the place where you end up?
> (2) What would you do with it?
> (3) What activity would typically follow?"
> As I had no answer, I assumed it was a dead parrot!!
> As John missed my purpose, perhaps I may be missing his too. We are
> all human.

OK, let me try once more to clarify my point. I'd like to ask the same 3 questions you pose above if Spell Search worked the way you want. I don't understand what "tangible use" it would be to have the highlight moved onto the next alphabetically-named file. What would you do with it? What activity would follow? It's not like you could press an insert key at that point and insert the file name you are looking for like you could while editing a text file. I'm sorry Chester, but I just don't understand the purpose or benefit.

- John

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