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Your speed test results   [Wish]

By: Nuno       
Date: Jan 30,2019 at 10:11
In Response to: Your speed test results (Peter Shute)

> Good work doing those tests.
> > With empty cache:
> > Took: 946734 ms (reading compression sizes, using the extra
> > GetCompressedFileSize call)
> > Took: 879875 ms (NOT reading compression sizes, but calling
> > GetFileAttributes explicitly, forcing an extra API call)
> > Took: 739594 ms (NOT reading compression sizes, just
> > FindFirstFile/FindNextFile)
> So depending on how it currently works, it might be a 19% or a 28%
> increase in logging time?
> I would probably use this rarely enough that I wouldn't want that for
> a whole volume, but very few of my volumes have much if any compression,
> so it might be fine. I guess it could be a configuration option.
> Can't see a problem with making it available with alt-I.

These were my numbers (28% increase), just with a few tests, with my tool and one HDD (external-USB3) disk.
I don't know what numbers ZTree could get, and depending on what it already does, and what drive (local, remote, HDD, SSD...). I imagine we could get very different ratios...

But I think...
- Alt-I should be easy and useful.
- Alt-L could get a new command, similar to (B)ranch: For example: (C)ompressed, that would behave like Branch, but reading compressed sizes for files in that branch.
Another option would be Alt-L with a new parameter, similar to the one it already has: "F5 Skip junctions".

Note: Alt-I is not enough to get statistics, sorting, filtering, etc. It only takes info from a specific folder or a specific file.
I would like to sort/filter, based on compressed size.


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