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Alt-L, Alt-K   [Wish]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Jan 30,2019 at 15:41
In Response to: Your speed test results (Nuno)

> - Alt-L could get a new command, similar to (B)ranch: For example:
> (C)ompressed, that would behave like Branch, but reading compressed sizes
> for files in that branch.
> Another option would be Alt-L with a new parameter, similar to the one
> it already has: "F5 Skip junctions".

Do you mean it would relog the drive, but only the compressed files?

> Note: Alt-I is not enough to get statistics, sorting, filtering, etc.
> It only takes info from a specific folder or a specific file.
> I would like to sort/filter, based on compressed size.

I agree, but I was thinking just adding it to Alt-I would be a simple thing that could be added without fuss.

I would also like to see alt-K able to show dir totals using the compressed sizes. One needs to know the compressed totals in order to know how much space you'd gain by deleting them, and the uncompressed totals to know how much space they'd take up if you moved them to another drive, where they wouldn't be compressed. (I don't think they remain compressed when moved or copied. I haven't tried it.)

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