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[Tip] Am I running 32- or 64-bit ZTW.EXE?   [Tip]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 01,2019 at 08:11
In Response to: [Tip] Am I running 32- or 64-bit ZTW.EXE? (John Gruener)

> It is on the / display. In the upper left corner is says ZTreeWin if
> it's 32 bit, and ZTreeW64 if 64 bit.

BLUSH -- and it's on the / display that I always wished to find it on!
Thanks John!

However, the string "ZTreeWin v2.4.182" represents, to me, the PRODUCT NAME,
so I never paid it any attention as a source of bitness. Yes, I can
(now) also see "ZTreeW64 v2.4.182", but, up to now, this was a blind
spot for me -- we all suffer from that, as the brain saves cycles, I guess.

For some reason, I expected Kim to append a 32/64 suffix/string somewhere,
because a user may have renamed ZTW64.EXE to ZTW.EXE or Z.EXE, and
deleted all 32-bit versions. (This is why the F9 ZTexe variable(s) is not
useful for knowing exactly which binary is active - you just get the name,
not the bitness.)

For example, in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\System, Windows
displays a very verbose text (to facilitate support, I suppose):

"System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor"

Since there is plenty of room, may I suggest modifying the "blind spot"
to read "ZTreeWin v2.4.182 (NN-bit)"? Or x86/x64?

Also, it's Kim's call,of course, but I think the existence of "ZTreeW64" has
diluted the ZTreeWin brand name -- what happens when we move to 128
bits, or somebody wants a 16-bit version ;-)?

Note that ZTW.HLP talks about ZTW.EXE and ZTW64.EXE, but never
mentions ZTreeW64...


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