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Just mark it in history. And Quick Access links   [ZEP]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 01,2019 at 08:42
In Response to: Just mark it in history. And Quick Access links (Peter Shute)

> 36, aren't there?
> ...but it sounds like you need a way to be able to mark more of them anyway.

Yes, like browser bookmarks (that some people completely
ignore and just use Google - and some that have hundreds neatly
structured), getting to places fast depends on the person's habits.

I will never have enough of bookmarks, so I tweak, and occasionally
corrupt, my history lists.

> The left and right cursor keys are used to swap between filters. What
> if Control-left/right were used to swap between pages of entries? Or F9
> and F10.

A very brave proposal, indeed :-)

Adding "swiping" left/right in history lists (like we do on phones!) would
be a major effort for Kim. However, he has already added F6 in Treespec,
recognizing the limits of 36 bookmarks.

> Or if there was a way to mark more of them. Eg a double letter/number system.

No opinion here.

> A simpler way would be to allow the punctuation to be used to mark
> entries. Eg control-!, control-@, etc.

That wouldn't add too many entries, and would be rather hard to
remember, imho. It might be easier to set the filter to the unmarked
or marked (that you also sort) and visually pick the entries. I use that.

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