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[Help!] Treespec: locate relative location of Dropbox, Downloads, etc.   [Help!]

By: Laurent Duchastel     Montréal, Québec  
Date: Feb 06,2019 at 16:29


I have two computers.
On the first one, default Windows folders such as Documents, Downloads, etc. are on the C:\. On the other one, they have been moved to D:\.

Using Treespec:
Using environment variables such as %#ZTMyDocuments% or "%OneDriveConsumer% in Treespac make easy to find some of these folders, whether they are located on C: or D:

I can also TreeSpec|F6 some others (although I don't like to have some directories reachable through history Treepsec and some others only through F6 submenu - not consistent for me).

However, I can't find a way however to locate other default folders, such as Dropbox, Downloads, Zotero or Resilio (the two last ones being custom to specific apps). Using such thing as %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, always lead me to C:\Users\Laurent, even if these folders have been moved to D:\

I can't find a way to manually Treespec a relative location of them.

Present solution is to have slightly occurrences of same treespec that point to either C:\ and D:\

Any suggestions ?

Laurent Duchastel

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