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[Help!] An interim solution   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Feb 06,2019 at 18:14
In Response to: [Help!] Any clever ideas how to cull log files to a GFS scheme? (Peter Shute)

This is what I've done to cull files to clear some space for now.

The files are names like spiceworks-backup-[V7.5.00093]-[2016-10-10].zip, which some of you might recognise.

I used alt-tag Filter to tag *0].* then control-invert Tags. Now all but every tenth file was tagged. Then I untagged the most recent month of files, and control-deleted.

Then I used alt-tag Filter to tag *10].* then control-invert tags. That left all but the files logged on the 10th of each month tagged. I manually untagged the most recent year, and control-deleted.

I could turn that into a macro, but probably not so hard to make a batch file I could automate. This is probably not a bad solution so long as I'm prepared to keep every 10th backup instead of weeklies.


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