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[Help!] An interim solution   [Help!]

By: GoSlow2GoFast     RI  
Date: Feb 06,2019 at 19:00
In Response to: [Help!] An interim solution (Peter Shute)

> This is what I've done to cull files to clear some space for now.
> The files are names like
> spiceworks-backup-[V7.5.00093]-[2016-10-10].zip, which some of you might
> recognise.
> I used alt-tag Filter to tag *0].* then control-invert Tags. Now all
> but every tenth file was tagged. Then I untagged the most recent month of
> files, and control-deleted.
> Then I used alt-tag Filter to tag *10].* then control-invert tags. That
> left all but the files logged on the 10th of each month tagged. I
> manually untagged the most recent year, and control-deleted.
> I could turn that into a macro, but probably not so hard to make a
> batch file I could automate. This is probably not a bad solution so long
> as I'm prepared to keep every 10th backup instead of weeklies.

It feels like a schedule batch script of some sort (BAT, VBS, PS1) to manage these files would be the best long term approach. If you gather up specifics and examples I'd be happy to help. We crank these things out all the time over on Experts Exchange, a site I often volunteer time helping posters solve problems.


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