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Just discussing now   [Help!]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Feb 06,2019 at 20:12
In Response to: [Help!] An interim solution (GoSlow2GoFast)

> It feels like a schedule batch script of some sort (BAT, VBS, PS1) to
> manage these files would be the best long term approach. If you gather
> up specifics and examples I'd be happy to help. We crank these things
> out all the time over on Experts Exchange, a site I often volunteer time
> helping posters solve problems.

I think I've probably got it worked out now, so now I'm just interested to hear what others have done. Having exact 7 day retention isn't essential, so the 10 day retention will make it fairly straightforward, I think.

I'm just surprised there's no well known solution to this kind of thing. Disks filling up with logs seems to be a very common problem, like programmers can't be bothered to think ahead about the time bomb they've created.

I came across a nice solution to the problem of deleting all files older than a date a while back. Someone on some forum suggested running robocopy with the /mov /minage:x /purge switches. That moves the oldest files to another location, and then erases files at the other location that aren't in the source dir (ie the ones that got moved last time).

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