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By: Steve Fields   Homepage   ALASKA  
Date: Feb 07,2019 at 22:54
In Response to: [OT] GREETINGS! (Steve Rawling)

> Hello tilded one.
> Greetings from the untilded one.
> Bit cold up your way at the moment!
> How are those fur line bikini selling? out of stock yet?
> Cheers
> Untilded Steve

Dear Untilded:

Sunlight just popped up near the horizon. It’s been months since I seen it go down.

Fur Bikinis??? Sales are a tad down since the GOLDEN AGE of the 80’s & 90s.

People want to look like Cavemen and Cavewomen with Fur onesies nowadays!

You and I haven’t chatted here in years, glad you came back to say ‘Cheers’, at the place where everybody knows our names!

Salut! Wishing you and yours Health, Wealth. And Wisdom!

P.S. Please send me another case of Vegemite Kangaroo Submarine Sandwiches!

Rock On!

~ ~ ~ Steve Fields

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