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[ZEP] ZLog Auto-Save   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Feb 11,2019 at 05:45

I have one ZTree instance with a lot of drives partially logged (if fully logged it would be too confusing with backups, originals and stuff with similar names) and around 2.6M files. If something goes wrong (power cut, computer crash, etc.) it takes a while to sort out again. I use ZLog FileLists to get me back to somewhere I can easily start from, but have two issues.

One issue is I need to remember to save a ZLog from time-to-time or before you know what's going on you have a crash and the most recent is two weeks out of date. The other is sometimes the ZLog files don't leave ZTree in a stable condition when they load (easily tested by choosing a filespec of the form *xxx*yyy*.* which will crash it if it's unstable - I do this test every time I save one). This latter issue is also a problem if you need a reboot and it won't save a stable ZLog, you'd like some recent ones to try.

So what I'd like is

(1) An option to automatically save a ZLog file every day at a set time and either over-write or replace the existing one (plus optionally be somewhere other than the ZTree directory, as the 280MB files are eating my SSD).
Auto-save ZLog : Y/N
Time to save: 00:00:00
Replace (otherwise makes a new instance): Y/N
Path of file: X:\y\z.log
(Note, date will be appended if replace not selected. If no path given will be in ZTWin directory.)

(Stretch option, not expecting this.) (2) Either resolve the stability issue or have a way to test the ZLogs and not over-write if the new one seems unstable (e.g. spawn a ZTree with no visible window and feed it the filespec when it's ready, which could be a while). I'm really not expecting this one. Oh and if the test fails don't retry as something will need to change before it will work (so you could do 5 saves and if the first one is dud all will be dud, but the next day, or the one after, it could be okay again, from the same ZTree instance, as though accessing something undoes the problem).

BTW I can't decide if the crashes are due to iffy data in the ZLog file or some interaction between the ZLog data and what ZTree sees from the disks when it starts.

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