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By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 11,2019 at 12:42
In Response to: VMS (Peter Shute)

> However, they did tend to chew into the file space...

True, hence the PURGE command that DELETEs all but the latest
file version. Of course, most people used PURGE/KEEP=5, for
example, to be safe. The powerful DCL scripting language also
allowed aliases. A person doing some C coding would clean up
the project directory in this way:

$ puc = "purge/log *.obj, *.map, *.exe, *.c/keep=5, *.h/keep=5"

This new "puc" command would keep only the latest versions of temporary
files, but 5 versions of sources files. The /log switch in DCL
commands means "verbose", as it would display the progress of the
command on stdout/stderr/logfile.

> ... I developed an obsession with file management that has never left me.
Me too, I guess. Understanding what goes on on your disks and wanting
to optimize the data is increasingly rare today. One of my frustrations
in this area is the Android (linux) file system that I just can't
grasp after years of looking around with various file managers...

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