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[Q] Print Tree -- to "Microsoft Print to PDF" -- 0 byte file   [Q]

By: Leonard R. Miller     Locust Bayou, Arkansas  
Date: Feb 12,2019 at 23:16

Wanting to print the list of my Tree of the D: drive (an SD card) while in Dir Mode, I pressed P, T, then Enter

On the lower right corner of my screen a notification appears (then disappears after some 5 seconds) as follows:

File saved to the Documents folder
View ZTreeWin (4).

my print settings are Lines/page (0 ) Margin (0) Wrap (off) Print to: Microsoft Print to PDF

I finally found the Documents folder, but it's on the C: drive and yes, there are 4 0 byte files. Here's the last one:

C:\Users\18708\Documents\ZTreeWin (4).pdf
ZTreeWin (4).pdf 0 .a.. 2-12-19 9:55:24 pm

Any tips?

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