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[OT] Run genuine XTreeGold 3.01 in the browser!   [OT]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Feb 13,2019 at 12:12
In Response to: [OT] Run genuine XTreeGold 3.01 in the browser! (Brian Layman)

> > Wow, remember using XTLINK to get your computers to talk to each
> > other? I've still got old crossover parallel and serial port cables
> > around here somewhere. :)
> I had one custom built. It still surfaces periodically. I'm 99% sure
> it survived my last major purge, though that one was pretty brutal
> there's an emotional tie with that cable..

I had a purge recently also. A young man on ... er, Craigslist or Freecycle, looking for old PC's to tinker with. He told me he's a gamer who plays some old games that work best on old hardware.

I had 9 desktop PC's and 1 MAC to give him. None with hard drives of course. He was pretty thrilled. I liked him and his girlfriend so much that I broke open my bins of cables and ancient mounting hardware. I dumped many dozens of old serial/parallel/CGA/VGA/IDE/ETC cables on him. I was careful not to purge anything that appeared to be crossover, though I seriously doubt I'll ever use one again. The only machines I run with OS's that would need them are running in VM's on machines that network easily. :)

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