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znolog.ini to skip dirs?   [ZEP]

By: John Leslie       
Date: Feb 14,2019 at 15:35
In Response to: znolog.ini to skip dirs? (Peter Shute)

> > Thanks, my problem is there are lots of directories (e..g. backups
> of
> > computers) I don't want to log. I used to use a very long macro to
> log
> > the directories I was interested in, but they change over time and so
> I
> > changed to using ZLogs, as tweaking the macro wasn't a runner
> (you'd
> > either forget changes or have to do and test the tweaks every time
> you
> > made a change).
> Have you tried entering the dirs you want to skip into the znolog.ini
> file? It might be a pain to keep it updated, but it should be easier to
> maintain than using macros.

ZLogs would be great if they worked reliably...

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