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XTREE v 1 $40 in 1985   [OT]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Feb 15,2019 at 02:44
In Response to: [OT] Run genuine XTreeGold 3.01 in the browser! (Slobodan Vujnovic)

> Impressive, incredible... Sorry
> if this came up here before.
> If you MAXIMIZE your browser window,
> you can't tell it's not running locally. You can create dirs, F9, F7,
> but some keys may be grabbed by the browser. For example, click on
> rather then hitting Esc on some menus.
> https://archive.org/details/xtreegold_301

Hi Slo
Still posting in fixed font I see.. Great stuff.

I clicked on that link at read Jeffrey Johnsons unapologetic history of Xtree

I noted that when Xtree V1 went on sale on 1st April ( :-) ) 1985. its price was USD39.95. (thats officially about USD100 in today's money, but for me US $40 in 1985 was more like AUD $300 today)

34 years later, Ztreewin sells for USD29.95 (AUD40)

Good value eh!

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