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[OT] Run genuine XTreeGold 3.01 in the browser!   [OT]

By: Paul Laufer       
Date: Feb 15,2019 at 12:59
In Response to: [OT] Run genuine XTreeGold 3.01 in the browser! (Greg Akers)

> DesqView!?! Now that's a blast from the past!

Indeed! :)

> DesqView was great on a PC XT and on a 286 AT. Then, along with QEMM
> 386 on a 386, it was Out Of Sight!!! I couldn't wait to get a 386

I was sooo excited to get my first 386. Actual multi-tasking! Then I scrimped and saved to buy it a math co-processor. Wow it was nice!

Then the arms race was on. My buddy gets a 80486DX-33, I get a 80486DX2-66, etc etc etc.

> Thanks for reminding me of those good old days.

I do miss the early days of IBM PC's. Thank YOU for tickling those old memories.

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