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lI|1o0O   [OT]

By: Slobodan Vujnovic   Homepage   France  
Date: Feb 18,2019 at 13:46
In Response to: XTREE v 1 $40 in 1985 (Steve Rawling)

> Hi Slo
> Still posting in fixed font I see..

Yeah, about three decades ago I concluded that all font
designers are IDIOTS when they make some of their glyphs
indistinguishable from each other.
I was coming from the terminal/console/printed book
world, where I can't remember any ambiguity whatsoever,
even if a glyph was the only thing on the page. There was
never any guessing, ever, before the digital "press".

I'm talking about lI|10oO, that in Arial and most other DEFAULT
fonts are hard, or impossible to discern. You have to know the
language (the majority of the planet does not use the
Latin script) and the context to guess the word, like
llama, Illicit, etc. You figure it out, but it's a waste
of time and an insult to the user. How about making 2 and Z
(almost) identical? Sure, you'll figure it out, why rant?
Searching for 2TreeWin and can't find it? Too bad...

But, in a machine-generated password, in one of those
FAILED FAKE fonts, a0bOo||IIlI0o may require trial and error,
and, possibly, getting locked out.

I feel comfortable blaming Steve Jobs, a great fan of
calligraphy (well, so am I, hence the rant!) since he
has repeatedly opted for cool, aesthetic, cosmetic, elitist,
minimalist solutions, at the cost of precision and clarity.

(Again, I can't prove if there was COLLUSION...).

Try putting this in Word with Arial or Calibri selected,
and ask a non-tech (from a non-Latin script culture, preferably)
to name these glyphs:

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