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[Discuss] Show files logged per second   [Discuss]

By: David Wall       
Date: Feb 18,2019 at 20:28
In Response to: [Discuss] Show files logged per second (Peter Shute)

> During copy operations, Ztree displays bytes per second, which is
> quite useful at times to compare drive speeds.
> Why not display the number of files logged per second during logging
> operations?

Does sound a bit pointless - Why - what use would it be ?.

Surely you would want the 'logging process' to be as fast as possible
& doing another subroutine to display the ongoing figures would
detract from the speed.

You 'could' improve that waste of time by displaying each filename
as it gets logged - OH NO - that already happens.

OK you could always hash each file & display a running hash total.
That's more like a proper waste of resources.

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