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[Discuss] Show files logged per second   [Discuss]

By: Peter Shute       
Date: Feb 18,2019 at 20:57
In Response to: [Discuss] Show files logged per second (David Wall)

> Does sound a bit pointless - Why - what use would it be ?.
> Surely you would want the 'logging process' to be as fast as possible

Yes, it depends how much it slows it down.

Why? I was logging files on a NAS device across the network, and just wondered how the logging speed compared to the local drive or a server.

Just wondering if anyone else would find it useful. That's why I marked it for discussion rather than a ZEP.

> You 'could' improve that waste of time by displaying each filename
> as it gets logged - OH NO - that already happens.

Surely that's been discussed here before, and wouldn't be allowed if the extra time was significant.

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