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columnar blocks   [OT]

By: Steve Rawling     Sydney  
Date: Feb 20,2019 at 02:18
In Response to: lI|1o0O (Greg Akers)

> >
> > I feel comfortable blaming Steve Jobs, a great fan of
> > calligraphy (well, so am I, hence the rant!) since he
> > has repeatedly opted for cool, aesthetic, cosmetic, elitist,
> > minimalist solutions, at the cost of precision and clarity.
> >
> [RANT]
> And I am no fan of hard carriage returns in text strings that may
> actually wrap differently than the author intends on different devices.
> I blame Al Gore for inventing the internet. ;-)
> [/RANT]

So Greg, how do you do a columnar block for cut/copy or even viewing when its a proportional font?


This is a snippet of some of todays data that I am processing, first in calabri then in courier. It is why I continue to use fixed fonts.

And oh yeah. Has anyone tried configuring ZTW to use proportional fonts? :-)

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